Hello, I’m Mr. General. It's good to see you here!


About Image My nickname is "Mr. General". That's how everybody call me and that's how I call myself too.

I'm an outdoor enthusiast, raised in a lovely small town Stockholm, WI. I love good food, trekking, fishing, kayaking and motorsports.

Here, on my personal blog, I’ll be sharing my views and passions. I am an outdoor geer geek so expect a decent part of posts to be related to the products I love to use every day.

Some other stories on my blog will be taken straight from my thirty-something year old experience of living on this planet, although I am not yet sure how far I’ll be willing to go when writing on my private, family life. To be frank, I never did that before and this is my first blog ever (yes I know, it’s 2016…). Well, better late than never, right? We’ll see how it goes!

Want to learn more about me? Then see my first “Welcome Post” right here! So grab good a coffee and be invited to read my first post!